Take a Deep Breath.: panahasi: Panahasi turned his face to the sun and he sighed heavily....


Panahasi turned his face to the sun and he sighed heavily. “Your father would want you to be happy… just happy and live for you.” He shrugged, basking in the sun. “My dear… You should come with me someday. To see the Great River in the east. And see the Sea of Sand.” He whispered,…

"Just for one day, Princess," he winked, pulling an old journal from his cloak and handing it to her. "You’re ready for this, dear. Go to the bookmark. It is a conversation your father and I once had." He murmured, "This is your father’s journal." He looked away as he rose. "I cared very much for your father, princess. Too much…"

Posted on Thursday, 25 August 2011.
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    He laughed and nodded slowly, “I suppose so… He accepted me for who and what I truly am.” He gestured to the book. “Read...
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    [Alexis took the journal gingerly into her hands, as if it would crumble to pieces if she weren’t gentle enough with it....
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